Find Safe Music Downloads – 7 Essential Tips to Avoid Breaking the Law!

Before I go into my 7 tips I think it would be helpful to review why I choose legal music downloads over illegal file sharing sites.

In addition to the great content, you also feel reassured that you are downloading a legal file. As I open my music file, I am reassured that it isn’t infected.

I also feel more connected to the music I choose to download and the artists that make it. By choosing safe music downloads you are supporting an artist and helping to lower the price for future downloads.

I do know, however, that it is difficult to find quality, original material and that the legal search for music free of charge can be challenging.

You can decide to make illegal music downloads. I can only offer you my own personal advice and tips on how to find safe music downloads.

Watch out for Free Safe Music Downloads

Take care when reading these words anywhere. Make sure to thoroughly research any site that allows you to legally download music. Avoid downloading music from sites that offer swapping or trading – even though there are some people sharing legal content, it is often illegal. And you will most likely end up with a lower quality, less-than-perfect version of the song you sought.

Hackers also love to use these sites to spread their malware. This means that even though you intended to download legal music, it is possible to get more than what you expected.

2) Make Friends With Public Domain

Let’s face, you’ve likely searched quite a bit. There aren’t many websites that offer safe music downloads. Or legal access to music.

Although older songs are most common here, as well as recordings from gigs that allowed fans to record the performances of bands, offers a trusted way to search for “public domain recordings”.

Step 3- Be a Loyal fan

It is rare that bands or artists, particularly those less well-known, don’t have a website. Explore the websites of your favorite record labels and artists. Subscribe to their mailing list if available.

A lot of labels and independent artists offer music downloads for free through their websites, or by mailing their subscribers.

4 – Get Social

At the very least, you should have heard of MySpace. If you don’t have a MySpace profile, we recommend you do. MySpace is home for thousands of musicians looking to share their music.

You can listen free of charge, and if enough people do their bit to support lesser-known artists by leaving a comment or offering to review them, they will most likely send you a free song in return.

MySpace has many different options, so it can be difficult to find the right sound for you.

Step 5- Find Your Personal Radio Station

If you aren’t sure who to search for, you might try a Google look for Last FM. Or, download Spotify. These are just 2 of the many websites that let you stream your preferred music for as long and free of charge as you want.

Download music from a favourite artist for a low price. It’s a great way to support a great artist while also getting peace of mind knowing you have safe music.

6. Safe music downloads in offline promotions

Keep an eye out online for any promotions or offers involving free music. Many large brands offer iTunes credits as freebies, while many other companies give codes to their customers, which allows them to get safer music downloads Fakaza.

Step 7- Search for the ‘Hidden Jewels’ of Legal Music Websites Online

As I have said, it’s hard to find good quality music downloads that are legal and free. But it’s also difficult to find sites that offer music downloads at a reasonable price. Search for artists-only sites. You will know you’re receiving original, uncut music, and artists will be compensated for their time.

But how can you tell if they are there?

Sites like these often feature a small number of artists and care a lot about the quality of their service and presentation. After some time, you will be able spot sites like these easily among the rest.

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